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Royal Quiet Deluxe - Sea Green

This mint condition 1960's model Royal Quiet Deluxe comes with a nice case and book.

I have replaced the platen and ribbon and she is fully lubricated and ready to put to work as more than a doorstop.


This machne can be used on a daily basis and is not of the generic eBay typer that comes in "ready to assemble" pieces after being shattered in shipping or with aged and cracked rubber good for nothing more than a big paperweight. A MrTypewriter typer is ready for hours and hours of hard work and crafted output.

You wouldn't beleive how many e-mails I get that say: "MrT - I cannot afford to buy one of your fully working models - but am wondeirng if you have a machine under $50.00 or so that I could buy for now and then later buy a working machine from you." My answer to these e-mails runs something like this: "hello? Is anyone in there? If you want a non-working hunk of junk for under $50.00, just check out eBay. They offer hundreds of machines like that everyday. But if you want a MrT "Fine old typewriter" - they all go out my door in fully working condition and ready to work - and are priced accordingly."




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