Why Choose Mr. Typewriter?
Dan Puls - "Mr. Typewriter"

I'm Dan Puls, owner of MrTypewriter.com (formerly St.Louis Wholesale Typewriter Company) Most people call me "Mr. Typewriter", because in our business, we have the largest selection of beautiful used manual and electric typewriters that you'll find anywhere.

For over fifty years, we've been buying, selling and exporting typewriters to the world, and we have hundreds of fine examples of the best American and European typewriters made.

I have been asked many times "Where can I find a mint condition manual typewriter of (such and such brand, color, etc)?" The question is usually followed by, "The last typewriter that I purchased looked nice and was reported to be in proper working condition. However, after receiving the machine, I found that certain functions such as spacing, backspacing, printing, correct key alignment, etc. did not work properly at all!"

Years ago, I would have answered by saying that a brand new machine would be the only way to go. However, in today's computer age, there is little to choose from in the new typewriter market, so one must make do with what is available, starting with, if possible, a physically "mint" machine. This usually means a typewriter with excellent paint, decals, nickel, etc.

A typewriter that is truly in mint condition, both physically and functionally, does not just "appear" on the market. Our typewriter import/export business brings in thousands of manual typewriters each year, and many of these machines are "new" in the box. Even these new typewriters need attention before they can properly be used. Physical appearance definitely plays a large role in selling almost everything, but looks alone will not get a document typed.

At MrTypewriter.com, we not only sell typewriters that are physically beautiful, we also make certain that when a customer buys a machine from us, it is physically functional in every respect. Once a customer selects a machine, we do everything necessary to make sure that the machine is ready for use. Included with every machine that we sell, our ten-step, pre-delivery process will give you some idea of the importance that we place on typewriter maintenance.

Here's what we do:

1) Remove platen, feed rollers and ribbon. Remove machine from the outer case, and air clean.
2) Chemically clean machine and type until free of old ribbon ink.
3) Air blow and oil typewriter.
4) Replace roller and feed rolls. A hard platen will damage the type and tear the ribbon, and a hard roller or bad feed rolls will not correctly take up paper.
5) Install a new nylon ribbon with the proper metal spools, and with a reversing eyelet, if needed.
6) Check for ribbon drive and ribbon reverse, both sides.
7) Adjust uppercase and lowercase type so that they are both "on their feet", and line up (write on same line).
8) Check margins, back spacer, tab, tab set, tab clear, line lock and bell.
9) Check that all keys hit the platen properly and do not stick in the type guide.
10) See that the machine fits properly in its case (if it's a portable) with its instruction manual.

When you buy one of these vintage machines from us, you'll be getting a typewriter in perfect working condition that will serve your typing needs for many years, or if you are a collector of old typewriters, you'll be acquiring a piece of equipment that will make a fine addition to your collection. Typewriter collecting is a relatively new hobby that is rapidly growing in popularity, and these machines are becoming increasingly more difficult to find, as more and more people switch to personal computers.

Someday, these fine old examples of engineering and manufacturing excellence may be completely gone and may be only a memory. But at MrTyperiter.com we continue to keep alive, these wonderful trophies of earlier times.

To our international customers:
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