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Saving Private Ryan Field Typewriter

(Please turn on your sound for full effect...)

Royal P281xxx 1932

From the tail first, this beautiful machine did not arrive in the condition you see before you. It took many hours of TLC and a few liter's of MrTs favorite typer cleaner to make this old banger fly again.

First thing on the menu was to deal with a few nicks, most likely from a German 8mm or even some GI's 30 cal., depending on which way the good company clerk was moving at the time. After removing a few cups of sand, my thinking was that this typer could have been there and did that in June of '44. If not Normandy, then at least Ft. Lauderdale during Spring Break for sure.

Anyway, that was then and this is now and it's time for MrT to work his magic or as the EX-wife would say - "Witchcraft!"

After a good long bath, give a good cleaning and wax to all the outer plates, (a long and detailed job to get 70 years of grime off and not lose the origianl decals!), re-assemble and replace all the rubber feed rolls, both front and back and the bail rolls. All the rubber parts will have hardened over the years and will not accept paper correctly.

Next, install a new platen.

Replace feet that have also hardened over the years.

Replace feet and handle on case as well as they are missing or broken over the years.

Install a fresh, new black and red nylon ribbon onto metal spools.

Fully adjust the machine's backspace, margins, keys, ribbon drive and reverse, etc. (see ten points under Why MrTypewriter?)

Now we have a fully functional and restored beauty! A classic Royal that will type as good as the day it left the factory! This beauty has earned a place in MrTypewriter's Favorites.

I hope she finds a good home with someone who will actually use this typer and not just show it off. (of course she is a marvel to look at ain't she?) With all the vintage "door stops" that are bought and sold on Ebay every day, I felt it my duty to offer a typewriter that would accurately do the job it was intended for - type and look good while it was doing it.


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