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Royal Model 10

Here we have the best of all world's - a very late model Royal #10 that is one of the few transitional models from the Royal #10 to the Royal KHM.

This was a plus in old bangers big time. You are probably saying to yourself - "Just what is a transitional model?"

If there was ever any hope of catching Underwood, Royal had to make a big time change in their machine. Gaining in popularity in newer machines, Royal was coming out with a new way to shift down to caps. No other machine was using that at the time including Underwood they had to raise the whole back of the carage to shift to caps. Rubber mounted shock over the typewriter feet and enclosed the sides.

With all these changes and additions, Royal now had one Foxy banger that was a hard act to follow, and in short order sales surpassed Underwood and Royal was #1 and remained at the top in sales in the United States until the end.


There was a down side to this machine and that was the high-gloss paint which made it hard to look at without wearing your shades.


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