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Royal 1932 Model P

It is with much sadness that I must offer up the finest example of a 1932 Royal portable in dual-tone red that I have ever seen.

This flawless "P" model is the pride of my personal collection. It was the centerfold of some fifty plus high gloss black, mint one of a kind pre-war/early post-war machines and is in my opinion second to none.


Strange as it may sound, my problem is the very thing that makes this old banger a one in a million, the color.

You see, I have this cantankerous old parrot who for reasons I do not fully understand, flys into an uncontrollable rage when I open the case to display my prized centerfold. Now mind you, I *was* able to calm my pal  down with a few margaritas however a loaded parrot can have it's downside also.  

So that's the story folks. Some of you may say that a bit of parrot stew may be in order for the filthy mouthed old bird, but we do go back aways and my thinking is that the old bird, (who I've dubbed "Screw you" as that seems to be his favorite saying), would leave a great void should he be out of my life, especially as he is all I have left since my cat "Mr. Balls" was run over chasing cars not long ago.

This old banger comes complete as shown here in a sparkling mint condition, except for possibly a stray feather or two .


First I am pleased to announce a new home has been found for old Red.  The old Banger will be leaving via the Brown Shirts for Vegas.   

Second,  an update on my other two pals.  It is still touch and go with Mr Balls,  win or lose his car chasing days or over for sure. The real good news is that  Screw You will be out of rehab by weeks end and coming home. 

So all is well that ends well, except the counselors have warned me that Screw You has developed another bad habit...I wonder what it could be....

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