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The Remington "sisters"

Many years ago, there were two sisters who once were in love with the same man. He was a dashing young German Luftwaffe aviator during World War I.

As tragic love stories often go, the young ace flew one too many dog fights and just days before W.W.I ended, he earned the dubious distinction of being one of the last air victories scored by the famous American air ace, Eddie Rickenbacker. Could his mind have possibly strayed to his two femme fatales? You tell me.

The sisters were devastated and soon after, emigrated to the United States. But hard feelings remained between the two, and they never spoke again.

The sisters lived the remainders of their lives in a modest town house, communicating only through the typewritten words that came from their two Remington sister machines.

I came upon these typewriters in an estate sale some years back, and then learned of their tragic history.

These fine old machines I affectionately refer to as "Lily" and "Marlene", belong together after sharing so many hard times and shared thoughts with each other.

Beautifully restored and painstakingly maintained, they are true conversation pieces for the discriminate collector.

What sorrows and heartaches have these keys imprinted onto the paper that was slipped into their platen? Perhaps the departed spirits of the sisters and their young pilot love linger still among the gears and levers of these intricate machines, guiding the type bars as they type out the words of some budding young writer.

Remington sisters
The Sisters together...

Showing Lily
Here We Are Showing "Lily", the Younger of the Sisters

Marlene", the Older Rival.

Shown With Less Nickel Trim and Smaller Decales.
Shown With Less Nickel Trim and Smaller Decales.

Shown In the Standard Dress.
Shown In the Standard Dress.

Some of Mr. T's Old Pals In Waiting.
Some of Mr. T's Old Pals In Waiting.

Some of Mr. T's Old Pals In Waiting.

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