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Remington #5

The Remington #5 is very similiar to the Streamliner, but at a much more affordable price.

When buying a pre-war Remington #5 there are certain things that a person should know.

First make sure the ribbon spools are included and in good shape, as you can not find them any more and there are no substitutes. I am asked for them every day.

Also very important is to make sure the paper will roll in the platen with out any problems. Of the hundreds of #5s I have owned, bought, and sold, over fifty percent have had bad feed rolls and you couldn't roll the paper in or out


I have seen many Remington #5's that had almost one hundred percent of their finish, with nice case, book, and were even somewhat clean inside but could not be used because there were no ribbon spools, they had a bad platen and feed rolls, or the feet were gone or broken off.


I have counted over a dozen different type of Remington #5's and most are very much the same with only minor name and finish differences. The Streamline is only one of those.

This vintage banger has been lovingly restored and lubricated and is ready to take a place of honor in your collection. Keytops, platen and everything else on this typer are vintage and like new.


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