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Olivetti 32

We once again have a limited supply of mint Olivetti #32s back in stock. These little guys have been serviced, along with new ribbons and have always been MrT's favorite in a pint size typer.) Successor to the award winning Lettera 22, the 32 burst onto the scene in 1963 to near universal acclaim. The journalists and writers of the world quickly adopted the Lettera 32 for their world wide traveling needs. During the '60s you could find this rugged little machine from the rice paddies of Vietnam to the coffeehouses of Paris.

For the writer who wants a FAST typing machine, you can't beat the Lettera 32. With a basket shift and a great touch, this portable will improve even the worst typists WPM. This lightweight beauty comes in seafoam blue, with its compact case, instruction sheet, and correcting/cleaning case. Built to last by the design house of Olivetti, you can't go wrong with this wonderfully crafted machine. Snag this piece of history for yourself.


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Francais Clavier

Olivetti Letter Deluxe

Olivetti Letter Deluxe

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