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IBM Selectric Typewriters

I would like to mention our large inventory of like-new IBM correcting Selectric III's. These IBM's are alive and well, and they will very nicely fill the gap between the more vintage typewriters and the personal computer.

For all IBM collectors and enthusiasts, here is a little bit of Selectric history.

With the IBM's being built for an expected life span of some twenty years, the old Selectric is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Finding a Selectric in good condition, much less in mint condition, is an extreme rarity, as these were the work-horses of the office.

Selectric manufacturing dates were as follow:

I.B.M. Correcting Is - 1959 - 1965
I.B.M. Correcting IIs - 1965 thru 1979
I.B.M. Correcting IIIs - 1980 thru 1986

My advice to any of my loyal customers, is that if you are looking for one of these great old Selectrics and you don't want to spend a few hundred dollars on servicing it right out of the box, stay with as late a manufacturing date machine as possible. Then if you should have any type of service problem it should only be in the fifty/sixty dollar range.

IBM Selectric III

The IBM Selectric III

IBM 1986 Selectric III

1986 Selectric III

This is one of the last of the Selectric IIIs that were made.
It has a manufacturing date of 1986, and this was as late as they came.

IBM 1986 Selectric III

1986 Selectric III (another angle)

Black Selectric III

Black Selectric III

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