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1929 Royal Model 10

In 1929, Royal decided to pull out all the stops and do everything they could to become America's choice in typewriters.

They wanted to beat Underwood...

It took them a little over 20 years, but they did it.

The Model 10 was the first in a long line of innovative machines that eventually became the 1953 HH desktop. By that time Royal was so far out in front that Underwood threw in the towel. A few years later Olivetti bought the Underwood Typewriter company and made it their own.

Offered here is a beatifully restored 1929 Royal Model 10, completely restored and ready to bang out anything from the great novel to mailing labels, to even that letter to Mom you keep putting off.

This old banger comes with a dustcover and a limited edition "Old Banger T-Shirt."

Own a piece of typing history that will still earn its keep - the 1929 Royal Model 10.



"The Old and the New"

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