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Underwood #6

Here we are talking a Underwood #6 with 11 inch carriage in great condition with new platen, great rubber feet and new ribbon (on metal spools) at a give away price of $1,595.00 plus shipping (call for non-US destinations).

Underwood No 6

Take a look at the keyboard, WAY ABOVE average, as is the whole machine.

Underwood No 6 Keyboard

Why the discount?   I'm 82 years young and still have many machines to move out.  I can't be thinking of slowing down until I find a home for each of these beauties.  I soon will be half way thru my second FIFTY (yeah 50) years in business.  This time has brought me in touch with many fine people, many of you I call friends, who are just as passionate about these pieces of art as me.  I want to give THANKS to all of you..    

Underwood No 6 Side View

Thanks for looking.  Your Pal, Dan Puls (aka Mr. Typewriter)

Underwood No 6 Back

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