Typewriter hunting

I had a customer ask me the other day, if I could find a small lightweight manual portable in the vast confines of the warehouse. He told me he didn't want to get too tired carrying it around. He wanted to try and become a writer. I told him I hoped he wasn't looking to become another "Papa" Hemingway with that type of outlook! If so, I think he was going to have a problem....



dan looking

First I found the general area of the warehouse where I thought the machine was stored...


It could be somewhere around here...

dan looking
dan looking

Or was it over here...?

After about 12 hours my arms were a bit longer and I was a few inches shorter, but by my second fifth of my favorite twelve year old beverage, I was off and running again.

dan looking

I finally found the Olivetti portable I was looking for, and sent it on to another happy customer. This Olivetti Letter Deluxe is the same model that Francis Ford Coppola
co-wrote The Godfather movies on. I made the customer "an offer he couldn't refuse..."

Olivetti Letter

Go here for more pics of the Olivetti