Royal Two Tone
Quiet De Luxe - 1947

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"As Time Goes By... "

The year was 1947. Industry leader and innovator, Royal was looking for ways to 'jazz' up their classic Quiet De Luxe. The custom edition Two Tone model was their answer to a public interested in new styles.

Custom Deluxe

This machine was the end of the line for the Quiet DeLuxe. Built on the classic design of the Hemingway favorite Quiet De Luxe, the Two Tone gave an air of "high class" luxury to the standard QD line. This was high fashion!

This machine came to be the favorite typer of many of the silver screens brightest stars. Even Hemingway was said to use this model towards the end. It can still be seen on display in his bedroom/writing room in Ketchum were it all ended.

The Quiet De Luxe is a personal favorite of mine and is consistently one of my best selling machines. I have spent a lot of time to personally ensure that this QD is up to par and will be the highlight of anyone's collection.

This Hemingway favorite has a factory key board change some would call Universal as you have some ten or so accents for typing in Spanish, French, German, ect. This is uncommon on a early post war model like the Royal Quite De Luxe glass key. I have seen accents, but not for so many different styles. As always the machine has new rubber, great decals, paint, and nickel. Mr. Typewriter .





Multiple language keyboard



Multiple language keyboard






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