Royal 1936 Model

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"As Time Goes By... "

"Of all the typewriter warehouses in all the world, you had to come into mine..."

(with apologies to Bogey...)

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This classic typer has an attitude you would not believe. As a typing machine, this 1936 model Royal is a champ hands down, and has no equal in its peer group, but this one struck it lucky in its youth and has never gotten over the "swollen ego" syndrome.

This clown has an attitude.

As far as I can find out, not long after uncrating, this young typer put words to paper, struck it lucky and scored big time. Now he thinks he's a freaking wordsmith.

See that smile on his keyboard - look hard - it's there.

This one loves to hear stories about Hemingway - his idol. His favorite story is the one about Hem telling how he got along fine with animals, sometimes better than people. Hem used to tell a story about how he lived in Montana with this bear, slept with him, got drunk with him and became good friends. What Hem never told anyone was that the bear got tired of all the boozing and ran off with another writer!

This '36 Royal has a grand old time in the St. Louis Home Warehouse. He sits around on his 'pad' and watches old movies all day. I can't get him away from the American Movie Classics channel! And when Bogey is on, watch out! His favorite is 'Casablanca.'

When he's not staring at the tube, he's sitting around yakking about the old days with the other Royals telling them of his glory days.

Now listen up all you collectors out there! If dogs and cats are too much trouble to keep around the house, and yet you still want to have someone around the house to communicate with and still not have to commit - this clown may be the way to go. He never tires of re-living the glory days, and you may even get him to share his inspiration with you and type out a few good yarns from his keys!

Fully restored and comes with my seal of Fine Old Typewriter.


1936 Royal



1936 Royal


1936 Royal


1936 Royal
"Sitting around with old friends..."


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