Royal 10
Mid 1920s

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"Mr. Typewriter's
"10" Class "
"Lili Marlene"

Here we have a Royal 10 model. This machine is in mint condition; cleaned and oiled it will serve well for the serious writer.

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When checking prices from the other typewriter guy I feel my typewriter to be the best of the best, at half the price, plus shipping. Not only is what you see is what you get at Mr. Typewriter. I feel it would damage my good reputation to kick it up to an unheard of $4,000.00 as others have suggested on that model and that is even if you could find one as nice (witch you wouldn’t). On the other side of the coin I also know there are many as is door stops shown on E-bay for a few dollars. First it would be as is and second there is little chance you would receive one intact when it did arrived. Mr. T

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