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Here is the story Guys,,, Now listen up, scenario one,,, you screwed up big time with your lady friend, wife, who ever, he or she wants to sit in there room (with door locked) and cry about it, telling her friends/Mom she is going to write/call her attorney Monday first thing. What to do? This is were Mr. T comes in. In the old days I would tell my customers I could mend anything but broken hearts, That no longer is good enough in this changing world if I want to keep out front for my next fifty years in the business. So here is the deal If you want to make out like a bandit I put a package together that will get you out of the dog house and back in the bedroom. Works nine out of ten times. However I have scenario number two as a back up plan just in case. Mr.Typewriter.

Royal Typewriter


Royal Typewriter



This is a HOT machine!


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