A Packing Pictorial

Ok, you've read the directions, now it's time for MrTypewriter to actually show you how.... ...

follow along children...

First let's start with one 44 lb. I.B.M. Selectric typewriter. IBM Selectric
saran wrapped ibm Next wrap it well with shrink wrap or saran wrap.
Now place the cover (or case if it's a portable) on the machine, and shrink wrap it again. If you are wrapping a portable, make sure the case is also filled with crumpled paper or styrofoam. covered ibm
bubble wrapped typewriter Now wrap with bubble wrap and shrink wrap two times both ways. Make sure you use real "man size bubble wrap" and not the wimpy kind. When you're done, it should resemble a large beach ball. Just make sure you don't try to bounce this one!
Put some filler in the bottom of a 350 lb. test carton, then set the machine inside with room on all sides for more filler. packed in carton
filled carton Old newspaper or crushed up paper will serve as well or better than foam peanuts

Now for the fun part!

(If you do this at home, I take no responsibility for your safety or your machines safety if the box breaks, you have to remember I'm a professional!)

I get an office chair that is at least 30 lbs. and sit on the box trying to roll back and forth to see if the rollers could punch through the box anywhere.

sitting on a box
standing on box

If that wasn't enough, now I start jumping on the carton to see if the top sags or the sides blow out. If it passes all these tests, then you're well on your way to having your typewriter successfully shipped through the carrier system.

I did try and get the foxy lady in the next office over to come sit on my lap for further testing of the integrity of the box, but I don't think she trusted my integrity! Oh well, that might be over doing it anyway..... ;-D