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"The Story of MrT's favorite typer "  
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The Olympia SM9's are the writer's typewriter. Period. This dependable machine has graced many a writer's desk and is my number one most referred typer in my fifty plus years in the business.

The Olympia pictured below is 'the writer's writing machine' and comes in 11 pitch style, the standard Olympia elite. This has a bit more room between the letters, the standard elite is 12 pitch. If you want your own version of this classic - be aware that keytops and name plates could vary in color and style from machine to machine.

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"The Story of MrT's Favorite Typewriter"

After locating a mint early model Olympia SM9 with a white keyboard, a good cleaning is first on the menu of things to do

1. Rub a dub dub - an SM9 in my tub!



2. A new platen is in order, along with ribbon and feed rolls.



3. Spending time with Mothers Carnauba Wax for just the right gloss.



4. Now that this old banger is standing tall, a nice case and
instruction book would be in order.



5. Yeah baby, now we are talking! This is one fast - foxy typer
that is a hard act to follow - bar none!






I have been recommending the SM9 for years to my serious wordsmith friends. It has recently been brought to my attention by an alert writer/customer that the SM9 is not just Harlan Ellison's favorite typer but writer Paul Auster's as well. In fact, Paul Auster's pal Sam Messer's relationship with Paul's SM9 could be called a bit....well...MrT better not go there.

Paul Auster Website   Amazon.com link to "The Story of my Typewriter" by Paul Auster and Sam Messer.


German, Polish and Script Keyboards are also available.

Deutche Tastatur



Polski Klawiatura



Script Keyboard

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