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A few reconditioned UNDERWOOD's with new platens, good feet and great carrying cases - Ready to Fly!

  • 1931/32 Early LEADER
  • 2 Tone Black & Gray LEADER
  • Post War CHAMPION 

3 Underwood Typewriters


The 1931/32 early LEADER with $200.00 in new rubber and factory paint, a great carrying case for $345.00 (plus S/H in USA).

This is about what the parts and labor are worth. SOLD Fast

For Sale Early Underwood Leader Typewriter

The post-war two tone black and gray LEADER is a bit more common but still has the same recondition cost, so $345.00 (plus S/H in USA) ...  again is a gift. 

For Sale Underwood Leader Typewriter

The late post war CHAMPION is a full feature machine, again it has new rubber, great key board and carrying case in great shape, so $395.00 (plus S/H in USA) is more than fair.  If you think NOT then check my pal's site ( and you will see what they will soon be selling  'reconditioned back to excellent' for when I am retired!

I feel these prices are more than fair in today's market; In fact, I was selling machines of  this quality 20 years ago when new platens, feed rollers and feet costing just $25.00 (for everything); Where as today, these same "must have items" for a truely reconditioned typewriter cost upward of $200.00 dollars!.

For Sale Underwood Champion Typewriter

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