1000's of Factory Original METAL typewriter Spools all made in USA.

Replacement Typewriter Spools
These are just a sampling of the thousands of factory spools in MrTypewriter collection that need to find homes!

Spools, and I mean METAL Spools, can be had with or without fresh nylon ribbons (Black or Black and Red).  Call for pricing  Mr. Typewriter.
Is my Spool original?  If your using a manual typewriter and the spool is plastic - then the answer is NO.

"MrTypewriters' typewriter Spools and Ribbons will give your typewriter a more authentic look and feel than the modern plastic spools."

If you want to restore your typewriter to perfect working condition or as shipped from the factory, you must have the original metal spools the typewriter shipped with.  MrTypewriter can help!

Generally, all brands of typewriters utilized a spindle to hold the typewriter ribbon spools.  However for the various brands, spools are generally constructed differently. The reason for such differences resides basically in the mechanism used on the typewriter for advancing the spool during typing.  Spools use tabs or holes found on the bottom of the spools that lock into a pin or catch (which advances the spool and ribbon).  Additionally, the various brands also constructed the spindles, Spools and ribbons in different diameters.  

Since MrTypewriter carries the largest inventory of Spools used by most brands of manual typewriters ever produced,  MrTypewriter can help! 

MrTypewriter can shipped immediately. 

*Dealer Lots - Metal Typewriter Spools and Ribbons Available*

Dealers Lots for Metal Typewriter Spools and Ribbons Available.

MrTypewriter: "Manual typewriters perform best and look best with original metal spools"

More Factory Original Metal Typewriter Spools

Where did my Original Spool Go?  In Office settings, it was customary when replacing the ribbon - that the spool upon which the ribbon was wound was also replaced.  After the mid-60's, new ribbons would have been  plastic spools because metal spools were no longer manufactured."

More boxes of Metal Typewriter Spools in Excellent condition

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