Here we show the seldom seen Remington #8 in excellent condition and even more exciting is the RARE travel trunk that comes with it!  This is an option rarely seen as the #8 was also a semi desk top machine for the small office.


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Remington No 8

It has an 11 inch carriage which was only offered on the full size office typewriter..

Remington No 8 11 inch roller

When pictured next to the Remington Rand you see how the style of that Art Deco Era came in to play.

Remington No 8 and Remington Rand

Both machines come with new rubber, ribbons very nice key boards and carrying cases.

Remington No 8 Sideview

Thanks for looking.  Your Pal, Dan Puls (aka Mr. Typewriter)

Remington No 8 Back Logo





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