BACK in the Platen business!

Ames Platens
 Platen and Roller Replacements  
"Typewriters have alot of items made of rubber including the Platens, feed -rollers and feet."

No one has sold more platens replacements than MrTypewriter.  When AMES went out of business, I bought all the remaining platens (100's and 100's) they had.  In business for 100 years, they knew how to make a quality platen replacment.  However, my Ames inventory is running low and it was time to find a new supplier.  I found a rubber products specialist company that has a new way of  replacing the rubber on the platen's.  I was a skeptic at first but after using them myself on my own typewriters, I give these platens' my seal of approval!!!  So I'm back in the Platen business.

If you want to take your typewriter rennovation to the next level or you just want to restore your typewriter to perfect working condition, your have to replace the rubber.  Older model typewriters need the platens replaced because when rubber ages, it hardens and become brittle, resulting in a poor typing experience and shorten ribbon life span.   MrTypewriter can help!

Simply remove your platen and ship it to me and I will ship you a replacement.  Since MrTypewriter carries a large inventory of platens, many can be shipped immediately.  If we don't have it in stock, we can get it for you.   Check the table below for pricing and availability for immediate delivery.

"As time goes by the rubber hardens resulting in platens that develop chips, cracks and discoloration, flat sided feed rollers and feet that become flat."

Old Rollers

"MrTypewriter carries a wide range of ready to ship platens"

New Rollers

TypeWriter Model Platen Sizes $ Price Availability
Royal Standards Model 10, QX, S,H, KH, KHM 10 Inch  $90.00 + S/H In Stock
Royal Portables Model O, OT, P, RA,AG, A-U 9 Inch *$85.00 + S/H In Stock
Olympia SM's (8/9) * Request Pricing In Stock
Underwood Standards * Request Pricing Call for Avail.
Underwood Portables * Request Pricing Call for Avail.

Dont see it on the list, contact me.
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