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"The Voss" - SOLD -

As expected...soon as my pal Mr. Hanks got a look-see, Mr. Voss was on the way to Santa Monica...

Now for a real Cold War treat....

This West German machine in high gloss German mint green is very hard to come by anymore. Especially in like new condition with case and book, and more!


This machine with its distinctive gull wing ribbon covers was made in very limited numbers. The case with zipper and lock intact does show some stains on the top side which could be rust, or could be blood. However the case is free from any and all bullet holes which makes it one of a kind as well.


The last Voss that came thru my warehouse was purchased by my friend and good customer Tom Hanks. I may run this one by him also to see if he would be interested in a second one in mint condition.


To save e-mails on the price of this one of a kind beauty, I alm listing it at $295.00 plus shipping.

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