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Underwood Universal -
1941 & 1946 Model

"Rings & Buttons"

A few years back, I was burning the midnight oil working on some back orders when I heard a voice from out of the dark - "I hear you're the best..."

My thinking was I'd forgotten to lock the front door again, and my ex was back in town or that maybe the neighbor lady was bringing me "cookies" - again.

I glanced up casually and replied - "I've put smiles on a few faces in my day..."

A well dressed dame walked into the light from my workbench carrying a cased typer in each hand. Looking closely, I saw it was my old pal, the Countess / Duchess / Baroness - Madeline von Cohn. (She would change the title everytime we spoke so I was never sure which it was, if any.)

We had met during the early days of WWII when she was working for the British Secret Service. I knew her back when she was setting up the resistance in Austria disguised as a leggy blond nun and was teaching thousands of children to sing the "Doe a Deer, a Female Deer..." song. She had them sing it in spite of the Nazis presence, over and over until they fled screaming from the country, never to return, and saved Austria from occupation.

"Grab a chair sweetheart and take a load off, long time no see. What can I do for you?"

"For starters a few fingers of your favorite type cleaner wouldn't be out of line." The old broad belted it down like a champ and got right to business, no more dancing around, "Here's the deal" she said.

"I know you've always had a soft spot for these old bangers of mine, and I want you to hold on to them for awhile."

She told me she was going on a mission for M one more time and didn't want to risk losing "Rings and Buttons" as she called them. Q was giving her an Olivetti 22 for the trip as it was lighter for travel and had a few "extras" included.

She told me to take care of her guys and to find them good homes if she didn't make it back.

I never saw her again.....

I took care of them over the years and they both are in sterling condition and ready for use in a good home.

"Rings" is a pre-war 1941 Underwood Universal in charcoal gray with metal ringed keys in pica type and with a nice case. "Buttons" is a post-war 1946 Underwood Universal with black hard rubber key buttons and in elite type, also with a nice case. As Underwood didn't make any machines from '42 through '45, they are about the same other than the keytops.

This is a rare chance to own a pair of gems that will never let you down.

I 'll sell them as a pair or individually as long as the potential owners can meet the "good home" requirements.

- MrTypewriter


1941 Underwood

1946 Underwood

1946 Underwood


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