Typewriters for sale...
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Remember the great old Royals, Remingtons, Olivetti/Underwoods and Smith-Coronas?

We have them. We've got them all, and many other brands too.

They're all in great condition, and most are like new.


We've got them in just about every make, model and color that you've seen over the years.We also have European made typewriters such as Adler, Hermes, Olympia and Facit. We've got a great selection of IBM Selectrics and Wheelwriters. We have the last of the great IBM Selectric III's and all are in like-new condition.

In truth, as you can see, we have too many typewriters to be able to provide an online price list, but you'll find that our prices are more than reasonable, and you'll be getting an instrument that you'll be proud to own, at far less than its true value. Let us know what you're looking for in a manual portable or desk model typewriter. Chances are, we'll have it in stock, but if we don't, we'll put your name on our "want list" and contact you as soon as the machine is available.

We invite you to scroll through this page to see just a few examples of our great selection of fine typewriters. If you don't see what you want, E-mail me for more information, we may have what you're looking for.


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