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Royal Quiet De Luxe - "Son of the Pink Panther"

- SOLD -

But as any movie afficionados know....good series have sequels!
The Pink Panther will return.....

Chief Inspector MrTypewriter returns with this beautiful
"Son of the Pink Panther"
Royal Quiet De Luxe typewriter.

Where did I chance upon this beautifully crafted machine? I'm glad you asked...

During my extensive travels around the globe, ever on the lookout for the unique example of the well crafted typing machine to return to my world famous St. Louis Warehouse for full restoration and offering to my valued customers, I took a well deserved break in a small local watering hole. Enjoying an evening imbibing several fingers of my favorite 12 year old beverage, I struck up a conversation with a tired looking gentleman of advancing years who had spent his life in the service of the clergy.

This retiring Christian minister, upon learning of my tireless journey, related how he had received a typewriter some years ago as a gift from a grateful "lady of the night" who was down on her heels at the time, and had been ministered to by the young missionary.

My curiosity piqued, the ever inquisitive Chief Inspector MrTypewriter made an offer for this machine, sight unseen. The tired old man shook his head slowly, denying all offers of money for his memento of years gone by, instead making it a gift to the Inspector with the condition that I would restore it to its former glory and offer it to some loyal afficionado of the typewritten word.

And here it is for your pleasure and enjoyment. A rare, near mint Royal Quiet De Luxe from the late '50s, in the favorite hue of the "Clouseau Generation."

It's case shows a few well earned scuffs, and there is a scratch on the back and one under the space bar of this classic Royal. Compared to other machines being offered as "mint" on Ebay, this one should be considered a flawless diamond!

Comes complete and in fully restored condition with all that is shown here. Grab it quick before this one goes the way of the Pink Olympia I offered awhile back that was snagged very quickly by a fan of the genre.

- Chief Inspector MrTypewriter

Royal QD Pink

Royal QD Pink

Royal QD Pink

Royal QD Pink

Royal QD Pink

Royal QD Pink

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