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Remington #10

Every time I would pass the old Banger store room, this old timer would ask - "how about me MrT?? Pleeeaasse!?!" I would tell the old timer - "who would want a nicked up old
re-paint like you?"

Bottom line is the old timer wore me down and my thinking is it would be worth the time and effort just to get him out of my way and not have to listen to his whining and crying anymore.


As this old typer had an 'R' stamped next to his serial number, I knew he was was a re-built of the twentys. The key board was nice and there were no parts missing. A quick second
re-paint job, new platen, feed rolls and new ribbon along with a good bath and we're back in business.

Now I'm sure that this 90 year old Remington #10 won't be everyone's cup of tea but he will fly with the best of them and you will never find a second #10 that will be a better typer.

I wonder if Austin Powers likes old Bangers???






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