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1936 Remington Noiseless #10

This beautifully restored 1936 Remington Noiseless #10 marked the end of the era of typewriters crafted lovingly in black high gloss mirror finishes, gold decals and nickel ringed white keytops. Why you ask? It's simple Economics. All the fancy doodads did nothing to enhance the performance of these finely honed machines, and the cost was becoming astronomical.

It didn't take too much work to bring this lovely back to its glory days. A soothing bath, gentle oiling, and careful hand polishing all served to awaken the inner beauty of this early Remington. I won't even mention the saucy conversations that went on between the lovely Remington Sisters who were in the room changing their ribbons.

Over the years I have come to find that many vintage typewriters can become a bit temperamental if they feel they are being neglected or abused. Because of this, I sincerely hope that the new owners will be understanding and gentle with this classic work of art.

There are a few recommendations I'd make to the new owners as they open the packing after receiving this machine. Gently introduce the typewriter to its new surroundings, especially your computer. Why, unless you don't place any value on this beautiful typewriter, your computer could come out swinging and damage its glossy paint. Its probably not used to being around such well made classic machinery! This old timer has earned the respect after 65 years!

Just think, what will your computer be doing in the year 2065? On ebay? I don't think so!! ;^D

This machine is truly an End of an Era. Act quick, as I am sure it won't be lonely long. Some quick bidding enthusiast will snatch this up as the seconds tick down on the giant ebay clock.

Remington Noiseless #10

Remington Noiseless #10

Remington Noiseless #10


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