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Olympia SM3 - "The Pink Panther" - SOLD!

(but will return... Inspector MrTypewriter)


Now this is a one of a kind Olympia -
A special pink edition, that I affectionately call -
"The Pink Panther"

This is the nirvana for collectors of antique typewriters. The Pink Olympia SM-3. (Personally selected and tested by Chief Inspector Dreyfuss himself...)

Not many of these are still around, and this one is a beautiful machine. This typewriter is over 50 years old and its beauty and craftmanship compares only to that famous, finely cut diamond from the movies that was known for both its panther-like qualities as well as its pink hue.

This would be a great one-of-a-kind gift for that special someone in your life.

Act quickly before this one is snatched away like a rug pulled out from under the Inspector by his faithful manservant Cato.
- "Inspector" MrTypewriter

Pink Olympia SM3

Pink Olympia SM3

Pink Olympia SM3

Pink Olympia SM3

Pink Olympia SM3

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