Olivetti Linea 98 and 35 portable - UPDATED

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Ok, there's good news and bad news.

The good news is that the all new, metal Olivetti 35 portable is BACK in stock. This is not the plastic Mickey Mouse one that's made in China and India. This is the good one.

The bad news is there was only six full size Olivetti 98's in this batch, and those will be history by the time this is posted online.



MrTypewriter did his best to buy the last of the Olivetti Valentines made, up until a few years ago when they dried up. However, I managed to find a few more and have those in stock once again, but once again, those are so popular they may be gone by the time this goes to the web as well. It seems that people just can't get enough of the Mickey Mouse plastic childrens typewriters in colors of red or pink see to sell very fast to young school age wannabee writers.

So act quickly before they're all gone again - this is a great deal.

UPDATE- As expected, the full size 98's sold out almost immediately. They were all gone by the second day. Also a great seller as always, the plastic mickey mouse Valentines are also all gone. If you're really in the need for a good cheap machine, get with me and I'll show you a real typer that's much better than the plastic mm's. I have a few dozen of the fine Olivetti 35's left which will make any typers fingers flex with pleasure once they caress its smooth keys.

Olivetti 35



Boxes of Olivetti!



Olivetti l98


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