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"The Italian Stallion"

with Adrian, sea-foam finish

The first time I spotted this early model Studio, with black keyboard, knobs and red fitted luggage, I could see the making of a champ.

First a good long bath was in order with repeated rub downs
with T's special relaxing formuals, always under the watchful eyes of his trainers.

Here you see a better view of the "Italian Stallion" being prepared for duty
in a good long bath of MrT's specially formulated cleaning fluid.
After another brisk rub down, this Italian beauty is ready to "fly now."

Your very early Olivetti Studio 44's came from Italy with black keys and knobs.
This heavy hitter has something unique in that its serial number is # 128-128.

A new platen for heavy hitters would be needed, or the champ would be
punching out all copy before the first bell. We now have a lean mean
fighting machine that will go the distance with any typer, half his age.

Once fully cleaned, lubed and re-built this beauty is ready to climb back into
his red velvet trunks which in the unlikely event of a K.O.
- could serve double duty as a coffin.

This Italian Stallion is now ready to put younger typers
between "the Rock and a hard place!"

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