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Olivetti Lettera 22


Puls, Dan Puls aka MrTypewriter. - The OO section of the British Secret Service has a special mission for you. Find a typewriter that would meet the high standards of the Q section, and be able to provide years of service throughout the world in any conditions. Can you do it?

If this scenario were ever written by the esteemed Ian Fleming or any of the chroniclers of MI6 that followed in his footsteps, they would have to choose this beautifully crafted, Olivetti Model 22.

While Dr. No, OddJob, or Pussy Galore would surely fear the standard issue Walther PPK of the OO section, they would equally fear the power of the written word that could issue forth from this outstanding typewriter from Olivetti.

First of the small portables that actually incorporated the sturdiness of a desktop, this would be the ideal portable to take on those long treks through the Swiss Alps, or on the Orient Express.

This model is a tan / tobacco in color, comes with the case and instructions, and has been meticulously restored to its original Splendour.

Perfect for the Secret Agent on the go, or simply the writer who wishes they were one, grab this restored classic now before it is spirited away by SMERSH double agents.

Remember "You Only Live Twice", so make the most of it. Don't think "We Have All the Time in the World"because only "Diamonds are Forever". Always remember that "Nobody Does It Better" than MrTypewriter!

Olivetti model 22 portable

Olivetti 22

Olivetti 22

Olivetti 22

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