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Old Rollers

BUYER BEWARE, The Ames Rubber company has now closed there doors. This was the last company to manufacture replacement rollers and feed rolls for typewriters. What this now means is the as is typewriters sold with flat feed rolls and hard platens or now nothing but door stops, as they for the most part will not accept paper very well if at all. Most E bay typewriter buyers would not expect the machine they are bidding on to be clean, working, adjusted, with a new ribbon and ready to fly, but with hard platens/flat feed rolls you got big time problems. From the

Underwood #5old  roller

Underwood #5 old roller

Here's what we do:

1) Remove platen, feed rollers and ribbon. Remove machine from the outer case, and air clean.
2) Chemically clean machine and type until free of old ribbon ink.
3) Air blow and oil typewriter.
4) Replace roller and feed rolls. A hard platen will damage the type and tear the ribbon, and a hard roller or bad feed rolls will not correctly take up paper.
5) Install a new nylon ribbon with the proper metal spools, and with a reversing eyelet, if needed.
6) Check for ribbon drive and ribbon reverse, both sides.
7) Adjust uppercase and lowercase type so that they are both "on their feet", and line up (write on same line).
8) Check margins, back spacer, tab, tab set, tab clear, line lock and bell.
9) Check that all keys hit the platen properly and do not stick in the type guide.
10) See that the machine fits properly in its case (if it's a portable) with its instruction manual.

When you buy one of these vintage machines from us, you'll be getting a typewriter in perfect working condition that will serve your typing needs for many years, or if you are a collector of old typewriters, you'll be acquiring a piece of equipment that will make a fine addition to your collection. Typewriter collecting is a relatively new hobby that is rapidly growing in popularity, and these machines are becoming increasingly more difficult to find, as more and more people switch to personal computers.

Old rollers

Old rollers




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