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MrT's personal I.B.M. Selectric II with balls

Look at all those balls!

Yeah baby! This is MrT's personal Selectric with balls!

This one comes with balls galore! (or at least a dozen...)

Looking for that special gift for your "Man of Mystery?" Well here it is!

This beauty has a style all its own and is perfect for the young stylish retro collector, looking for their own piece of mod history.

This classic I.B.M. Selectric II is fully restored and ready to go complete with its own set of two dozen balls!, extra ribbons, an IBM dust cover and even an instruction manual. You get to pick your own set of 12 typing elements from the bag pictured.

You just can't ask for more!

So if you have a soul for bossa nova, psychedelia, lava lamps and are yearning for that little bit of something different, try this one on for size!

I love a typewriter
with balls!

Did you hear about MrT's IBM with balls? You get to pick your own dozen elements!

This typewriter seems to have everything covered...


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