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Hermes 3000 series

Every week I receive many e-mails about the Hermes 3000 from serious writers who are a bit confused with all the different models and type styles that Paillard has offered on the 3000 model over the past 40 years. Many are interested in a good solid machine that would hold up if they were to ever actually travel on long treks through the Swiss Alps, or on the Orient Express. Therefore I will try and clear up the confusion and answer some of the questions with a bit of show and tell.

1. The 3000 was the top of the line model and the Media was the discount model. (No tab, etc.)

2. It is very important to have a good platen on all typewriters (live rubber), however on the Hermes it seems to be even more important than on old Underwoods or Royals. I have found that the Hermes will not even print properly with a hard platen. Not to mention how it damages the type face and cuts up the ribbons, etc.

3. Type styles are: Standard pica/elite, script, small pica, Hermes Special, block pica, director pica, director special, director elite, economic, techno pica, techno special and techno elite. The last three seem to have been very popular as I see many machines with those styles in both Hermes and Olympia.

4. A common misconception about the Hermes 3000 is that Steinbeck used one during World War II. The fact is that Steinbeck had his choice of a "Baby Rocket" or the "2000" as the "3000" did not come out until 1958.

Early 1960's model Hermes 3000

Late 1960's model Hermes 3000

Early 1970's model Hermes 3000

Late 1970's model Hermes 3000

Last model Hermes 3000, made up through the 1980's

As of today, all of these are in stock in new condition here in my home warehouse, and come with case and book. Now as most if not all of the above will find a new home with serious wordsmiths, it goes without saying that the platens have been replaced (see blue wrappers on the platens) along with new ribbons. Extra ribbons are available at $6.00 each.

As prices on machines can vary depending on the work and parts involved, I can not set a flat price on each machine, but in general they are all in the $250.00 range give or take a bit.

Although I do have more than one of each model overall, this is a very limited offer.


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