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Olympia SM4 - Black with Burgundy keyboard

This extra nice black with burgundy keyboard Olympia SM4 came to me in almost mint condition with only a few age related problems.

BUT..... being the perfectionist that I am, I of course gave her the royal treatment before allowing her into my world famous St. Louis Home Warehouse.


Here is what I did to make this beauty purr, so that she is not only a sight to behold, but also a useful piece of machinery.


First a few hours in the cleaning tank so things like the ribbon drive, back spacer, and type bars would not stick and so on.

Second - Since most forty-year old typers need new shocks, I replaced them all. These hold the machine level inside the outer plates and make sure the machine doesn't fall down or let the carriage hit the sides of the plates and get stuck. (You can see this fairly clearly in the photo below.)


Third - I gave her a brand spanking new platen as the older one had hardened over the years and would not roll paper anymore. A hard platen also causes the type to cut up ribbons really fast as well.

Fourth - a brand new nylon ribbon in the spools completed her transformation from a worn out old typer, to a like new MrTypewriter's "Fine Old Typewriter!"


With a nice new case, book, cleaning pack, and more, you can see what it takes to turn a mint machine into a MrTypewriter mint machine that can be used for a typer and not just for looks!

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