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The Bargain Box

Welcome to the Bargain Box!

Here you will find fully working typers that have been cleaned, oiled and given a new ribbon. Priced to move fast at $95.00 plus shipping.

One of the last Royal Portables bearing the name "Royal"

One of the last Royal portables bearing the name "Royal"

Olivetti 22 in red. Special made for Sears. Average case.

Olivetti 25 on the left and Olivetti 35 on the right.

Like new with shoulder purse type cases.

Olivetti 31/Dora.

Special made for Monkey Wards in blue and white case.

Olivetti Dora as new.

Basically same as model 31.

Case average..

Olivetti Lettera 31.

Nice machine, but case is not much to write home about.

Olympia De Luxe with very nice case.

Royal Parade with very nice case and book.


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