Underwood 5
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Classic typer

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Here we are talking a Underwood from the twenty's, rebuilt by I.T.E.

As typewriters were not manuafactured from 1941 thru 1945/46 they were in very short supply. However some offices would accept rebuilts as long as they met the goverment's specs, twelve inch writing line, elite type, etc. Everyone at the time would have jumped in their jeans for a mint typer and the Underwood #5 was at the head of the class. Only one problem - the Underwood #5 was not made with a twelve inch writing line. Simple - re-decal a Underwood #3 which came with a twelve thru twenty or so writing line, and call it a #5. Bingo everyone is happy.

Like pappy would say years ago, turn on the blue lights Abe, the man wants a blue suit.

If I do not find a home for this old timer at $595.00 plus shipping I may have to try eBay.

- Thanks, Mr. T.





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