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1926 Underwood No. 5 - SOLD


As one can see, this is a not too shabby 1926 #5 Underwood.

My intentions upon receiving this old banger were to clean her up a bit and replace the ribbon so I could have somthing a bit nicer than what you see on eBay.

As you can see - I ended up getting a bit carried away like I always do.


First, How could I put the old timer back into action without a new platen, feed, rolls, bail rolls, and ribbon.

Someone may just want to use her for more than an old door stop.


Next - since I had already gone that far, a new draw band was in order as the old one was sure to break in short order.

The feet were a bit hardened from the years, so why not make new?


O.K. - now listen up, after all the cleaning and new parts, how could I even consider having this old beauty go back on the market again with the keyboard as dingy as it was. You guessed it, what's another four hours after all the time I had already invested in her now. A mint original white glass keytop keyboard now graces this fine old typer. The nickel is very nice on them too. This is a $125.00 value alone!


Bottom line - not too bad for a typer of this vintage. There are only a few light spots on the front decals and for $395.00, I will never do one again at this low of a price.

So Merry Christmas from MrTypewriter. (I'll even throw in an "Old Banger" t-shirt! Bah, humbug.)

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