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1913 Underwood No. 5 - "Foxy" SOLD

Underwood 5

Here we are talking one foxy 1913 Underwood #5 in mint condition.

As a ninety-year old banger goes, this typer is a one of a kind. Through no fault of the typer - I have added new rubber, key board, ribbon, feet, etc. My thinking also is that American Writing Machine Company of the Big Apple re-typed this writer in or about 1930. The print is just too nice for a banger this close to the century mark.


Now MrT understands that many Underwood #5 fans have little or no interest in a working model, much less one in mint condition - so $550.00 may be a bit out of their ball park.

However for the rest of us.... they ain't making them anymore.


Now you better act fast because my thinking is that soon after my webmaster - Wilson, or as I affectionately refer to him as - "Fast Eddie", posts this old timer - it will soon have a new home.



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