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1913 Underwood No. 5

Underwood 5

This 1913 Underwood No. 5 is as cool of an old banger as I have run into.

It's all there, from the top of the platen to the bottom of his feet.

This old typer is not the every day eBay door stop. So - if you're thinking of an 80+ year old banger that will do more than just take up space, then listen up! This one is for you!

This special "old banger" deal comes with a sample of my "Official MrT lubricating oil," an official "MrT writing shirt," a factory instruction on the care and handling of your old banger, and even his own pair of shades as the bright work hurts his eyes! All this is included at no extra charge, as these "MrT packaged extras" are a must on a machine of this class!

- MrTypewriter






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